Heckel’s Family Restaurant

Heckel’s has a comfortable hometown atmosphere with friendly service. Family-style classics like broasted chicken, creamed corn, and big, hearty muffins fill the menu. Breakfast served all day, vegetarian friendly. Free birthday dessert.

Average Cost: Entrée: $8-$13

Average: 3.00
Out of 14 Reviews

Heckel’s Family Restaurant
2621 Hwy. 53
Chippewa Falls, WI



My daughter and I went there yesterday, I ordered an Omelette. When it arrived it looked hideous, never seen one like this in my life. It looked like a pan cake with huge chunks of egg whites everywhere, reminded me of puke/vomit. Told the waitress about it but was still charged for it even though I did not eat it. Better to go to Perkins where an Omelette is an Omelette. Bruce


Heckels.. The fact that they are open 24 hours makes them great in my book. Decent pricing and fantastic cheese curds. Waitstaff is friendly and fairly quick. This restaurant has a very comfortable environment whether you are just getting a cup of coffee or going for dinner. I love you, Heckels.


It was packed when we ate here. Busy is good in a restaurant. We had giant entree salads that were really satisfying and fresh. Go big cow!


if you eat here you have to get a giant shake with your burger! its the best!!!