Connell’s Supper Club

A classic supper club just off the beaten path serving BBQ ribs, chicken, sandwiches, and seafood – but they’re really known for their steaks and big portions of just about everything. Serves a family-style dinner from 11am-2pm on Sundays. Open late on weekends. Private party room and carry-out options.

Average Cost: Entrée: $12-$19

Average: 4.18
Out of 11 Reviews

Connell’s Supper Club
18525 50th Ave
Chippewa Falls, WI



Connell's is my dad's favorite place to eat. He even drives out there by himself to indulge from time to time. They have MASSIVE quantities of food, the piles of stuff they bring has actually made me laugh out loud. It's all really good, probably the best of the supper clubs around here for sure. Just little drive out there.