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Pizza Hut WingStreet

A popular pizza chain, Pizza Hut WingStreet offers a family atmosphere at its dine-in locations. A variety of popular crust styles, chicken wings, and sides are always available. Meatless pizza and pasta sauces available, open late for carry out and delivery, vegetarian friendly, senior citizen meal deal.

Average Cost: Entrée: $7

Average: 3.33
Out of 6 Reviews

Pizza Hut
225 Prairieview Road
Chippewa Falls, WI



I know they don't give you a very big napkin but STOP wiping your hands on the curtains


West Clairemont has to be one of the worst Pizza Huts. The food does not seem to taste like the other stores. It is as if the crust is not raised, thawed or handled correctly. I ordered last night and about a month ago and dissapointed both times. The breadsticks rocked, they are the best. The pizza was the bad part of the meal


Very dissapointing, we had this last week and got a special and it was yucky! Will not get it again


East Clairemont location is superior to the others, by far. The Hut never disappoints - lots of varieties of pizza, very pleasant staff, & prompt service. I like their crispy pizza crust, & the pizza sauce is tasty. Their specials, coupons, & the lunch buffet are an easy choice for dining value.


By far my favorite place to come for pizza. I do try others, but this is the best. We go to the buffet once in a while and they try hard to keep the pizza coming out of the kitchen, but when they are really busy, it gets to be a challenge. Never fear...the next pizza is near! lol! Will always be back for more.