4:30 AM Coffee House

Known for their signature Coffee House Salad, homemade scones, wraps, sandwiches, various baked goods, and nifty little drive-up, 4:30 AM is a coffee mainstay of Chippewa Falls. Delivery over $30, breakfast, vegetarian friendly.

Average Cost: $4-$8

Average: 5.00
Out of 2 Reviews

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4:30 AM Coffee Shop
608 N. Bridge St.
Chippewa Falls, WI



The best coffee house! Love the owners, staff and coffee!

Brittany Schultz

Delicious, friendly, quiet, and priced right! My favorites from the menu are the Crunchy Oriental Chicken Wrap (Its called something like that) and the Coffee House Salad. Wonderful sized portions and just absolutely delicious!!