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Jade Garden

This extensive Chinese buffet features row after row of popular appetizers and entrées. Expect all your favorite Asian dishes to make an appearance such as fried rice, egg rolls, and sesame chicken – along with a few pleasant surprises. Private party room, delivery, vegetarian friendly.

Average Cost: Entrée: $7-$10

Average: 2.95
Out of 20 Reviews

Jade Garden
3620 Gateway Drive
Eau Claire, WI

Daily Dining Deals

Sunday Deals

Jade Garden: Dinner Buffet

Dinner menu items are served on the buffet all day.



This is pretty okay/good chinese food, but I feel like when I go out to eat at a chinese buffet I want a GREAT experience and GREAT food. Not okay/good enough. I'd rather go to Asia Palace.


Yummy peanut butter chicken, friendly staff, and always clean. Whatelse can you ask for with a buffet, good food, hot food and clean. Would recommend to others!


This is great for those days that you don't feel like cooking and you want something cheap, quick, and satisfying. It is not the healthiest but it's tasty enough.


This is where my college friends and I like to order from. The food is always really good! Once, a friend got some fried bread from there and it was delicious! Hopefully that's still around! :)