420 Internet Cafe

Eclectic decor, bamboo floors, and soothing colors are the backdrop for 420 Internet Cafe's full-service coffee bar and sandwich shop. Try panini, reuben, hot beef, BBQ pork sandwich or the popular ice cream latte, along with some baked goods. Internet stations are also available. Operated by Cafe 420 Ministries, a Christian outreach. Church service on Saturday nights.

Average Cost: Entrée: $4-$6

Average: 2.56
Out of 9 Reviews


420 Internet Café
420 Washington St.
Eau Claire, WI



The Cafe has a very friendly feel; everyone seems to know everyone or at least be interested in getting to know everyone. Expect your meal to be served with a conversation and friendly introductions. Great place to hang out to do homework, play games, read, or play music.


Came in here a couple times, but only ordered a drink once. Had to walk the barista through making a breve as she had no idea what it was. :/


'The place seemed unsanitary & beat-up- Bad attitudes seem to prevail


I think cafe 420 is a great place. The food and drinks are good. They have comfy seating. Good foot, Great tea. And despite everyone saying that the owners are "weird," i found them very friendly. The first time I came in they helped me pick out a drink and everything. It kind of has a family feel, everyone there knows each other, its a religious place, i guess it could give sort of an awkward feeling. But its a nice place. They also put on some nice open mics every once in awhile.


Great place to hang out with awesome hours. 420 Internet Cafe is under new ownership, and yes I'd admit the people that owned Cafe 420 were a bit different. So if you haven't been there since the change I would encourage you to give them another shot.