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Pizza Ranch

A family-friendly western-themed restaurant known for its "Mile-Long Buffet" and Crispy Ranch Chicken. People flock to the ranch craving their sweet dessert pizza. What makes Pizza Ranch truly unique is its many dining options. Where else can you get a pizza/chicken/salad bar, take out your pizza, or have your piping hot chicken delivered straight to your door? Private party room can hold up to 73. Fish fry on Fridays. Vegetarian friendly. Kids under 10 eat free on Tuesdays. Reservations for parties of 15 or more.

Average Cost: Entrée: $8-$16

Average: 2.81
Out of 17 Reviews

Pizza Ranch
2451 Truax Blvd.
Eau Claire, WI



Hard to believe a place called "The Pizza Ranch" offers sub-par food and is lacking in atmosphere. Next someone will tell me that "Golden Corral" isn't a dining experience to behold.


Holier-than-though atmosphere with wholly awful pizza. If you like Degiorno's rather than delivery, you will love Pizza Ranch. My favorite part was the Christian music blaring from the P.A. system while the employees (ranchers?) kept talking about "how f___ing hung-over" they were. Chicken wasn't too bad, but you can get the same thing from any grocery store deli. Jesus must love clogged arteries.


Good food. Too Christian


Best Chicken in town and if they don't have a Pizza you like on the buffet they will make one and bring it to your table and you get first dibs! Yummy salad bar that is fresh, place is always clean and I love the Christian MUSIC! We will always be coming back home to Pizza Ranch!


Only been to Pizza Ranch once for the buffet and it was an awful experience. Cramped, lacking customer service, and little variety. For takeout, the cheese sticks are great the pizza is generic. It almost feels like you're eating a home-made pizza you used to make when you were a kid. Price is also a little high, didn't know about the ridiculous amount of coupons they offer online. Simply put, they need to do more and do it better.