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CherryBerry Yogurt Bar

For 55 cents an ounce, customers can build their own frozen yogurt creations with a rotating menu of 14 flavors ranging from Sea Salted Caramel Pretzel to Strawberry. Select from 50+ toppings including fresh fruit, gummy treats, and coconut. Party rooms are available for free for birthday parties.

Average: 4.00
Out of 8 Reviews

Cherry Berry
2524 Golf Rd. Suite 1A
Eau Claire, WI



Not a favorite. Frozen yogurt is gritty and doesn't have the flavor of some of the local competitors.


Favorite frozen yogurt bar!


Great fresh fruit and toppings for their frozen yogurt, however we will not return because of the cost!! The sticker shock was indeed a shock at the register.


Wide variety of yogurt and toppings! The charge per oz can get expensive if your not careful.


Kids love it. Easy to spend quite a bit of money if you are not careful.