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Taqueria Aby Authentic Mexican Food

This taqueria, located in the back of La Luna Mexican Grocery Store, is so authentic you might think you've actually crossed the border. Try a wide range of authentic Mexican favorites like Tortas, Sopes, and Tostadas, as well as more Mexican-American favorites like burritos and tacos. Serving only Mexican-made products, including 10 types of beer. Vegetarian friendly. Catering and delivery avialable.

Average Cost: $5-$14

Average: 4.14
Out of 7 Reviews

Taqueria Aby Authentic Mexican Food
2824 London Road
Eau Claire, WI



Stopped by on Saturday night to pick up some of their homemade chorizo. Grabbed a couple of tamales out of the steaming pot they had by the checkout. Really tasty. The pork was spicier than the chicken, but both had great, slow-cooked flavor.


Best Mexican in Eau Claire. Not American Mex, Not Tex Mex. You can get tacos (corn tortilla, meat (or cactus or bean or?), onion, cilantro. Burritos (huge) get sour cream and lettuce. Mexican Tortas of all types (also huge). A few platters. Great variety of meats (sheep, beef, chicken, chorizo, beef tongue, steak, more). Great Chips, homemade salsas. Ok variety of beer - often homemade Horchata! Weekends the store now has tamales! This is very much a taqueria - nothing fancy, plain formica tables and not a date place. Unless your date loves great food and is not impressed with fancy decorations that they have at what passes for most other "mexican" restaurants in EC


Went back today for the first time in a while and was introduced to the Michelada (Mexican spicy beer)! Will be back for more! Mexican beer, some clamato, about a half-dozen spices and sauces and lime juice. Just what the doctor ordered on a Saturday morning!


Make yourself experience lunch in a traditional taqueria right here in Eau Claire. Wonderful tacos on homemade tortilla. Great guacamole. Very friendly staff. Get a real coke with a slice a lime to go with it.


It's great to have some authentic style mexican to eat, vegetarian friendly, I went on the recommendations already listed and was not disappointed.