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The Nucleus Café

Connected via a convenient hallway to Racy D’lene’s Coffee Lounge, The Nucleus is a cozy café with a European vibe serving breakfast and lunch. Check out the desserts, homemade soups, quiches, omelets, and distinctive sandwiches. The Nucleus is also a traditional crêperie, offering a variety of dessert and main meal crêpes. Sunday brunch, private party room, vegetarian friendly. Open Wed through Sun, first come, first served.

Average Cost: Entrée: $10-$12

Average: 4.11
Out of 37 Reviews

The Nucleus Café
405 Water St.
Eau Claire, WI



Pretty good food. Love the creeps with a good cup of coffee for Sunday brunch but the wait is terrible, the start is snobby, and I hear they are exclusive in only hiring "cool" people that have an in with someone already employed there, so eating here actually poses an ethical dilemma...yummy crepes with crappy service or boycott all together?


Decent food but consistently terrible service. Had to leave this weekend after waiting 15 minutes after sitting down while 3 waitresses saw us and proceeded to ignore us. I get that the kitchen is small so the food won't come out in a timely fashion, but the least you can do is greet the customers and offer coffee/drinks in the meantime.


Just going to say that one of these days I will make it in time to have the amazing lemon ricotta hotcakes......otherwise, everything I have had here is fantastic and service is always great even when slammed to the wall....if they are going to make you wait, they let you know and check on you when they can which is all you can ask.


The last time we dined at The Nucleus Café will be the last time!!!. We ordered waited a hour for our food, no refills on coffee, server had no idea when our food was coming. I contacted them twice on their website with no response. Sorry we wont be back, and I'll advise my family and friends not to go!! Scott Mondovi, WI


This place might not get nearly as busy if there were more establishments like it in Eau Claire!!! That being said, it's my favorite (and a must) for when I am visiting from Minneapolis. The Nucleus has never disappointed. Normally I have to go savory in the morning but the strawberry Nutella crepes are sometimes too tempting! The only thing that might be better for the Nucleus is a location that accommodated more people at once!