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The Dulany Inn - UWEC

Located on the first floor of the Davies Student Center, this all-you-care-to-eat lunch buffet is open 11:30am-1:30pm weekdays during the academic year. The Dulany provides a nice, sit-down place to eat for students, faculty, and visitors alike. The buffet changes daily and generally offers more upscale food than other places on campus. With three entrees offered daily, there's always at least one veggie-based dish.

Average Cost: Entrée: $10

Average: 4.33
Out of 5 Reviews

The Dulany
UWEC Davies Center
Eau Claire, WI



It is nice to go here and have a more intimate, quiet lunch. All you can eat buffet is so good for the college student budget.


The Dulany was such a great place to eat when I was in college! With all the construction, I hope it's still around. The food is super good, and they always have some delicious desserts. I love when they serve food from around the world or other cultures! :)


It is hard to review because the menu varies every day. The holiday meals are a must. The desserts make it a great value.


The Dulany is a wonderful place to eat at UW-Eau Claire! Although they have limited hours 11:30am - 1:30pm on weekdays during the school year, the food is always wonderful. The daily buffet is a great bargain and the food is better that than some of the most expensive places in town!


We love the Dulaney - where else can you eat an upscale buffet in a nice setting for $7.00? The fruit and and desserts are great. And while the entrees and salads are hit and miss (prepared by students who are learning about cajun, asian, etc.), there's always something really interesting and tasty. Their ambition is commendable.