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The Informalist

A Midwest-sourced restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner inside The Lismore Hotel in downtown Eau Claire. The menu pushes boundaries with bold flavors and big ideas. Expect an array of fresh ingredients from regional farms, sustainable seafood, and delectable wood-fired pizza. The Informalist can accommodate large groups both in the dining room and in a private area. Outdoor patio seating allows you to enjoy the sunshine in downtown Eau Claire. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. Brunch is served on the weekends from 8am-3pm.

Average Cost: $10-$39

Average: 4.00
Out of 5 Reviews

The Informalist
205 S. Barstow Street, First Floor of the Lismore Hotel
Eau Claire, WI



Huge fan of this place. The atmosphere is great, the drinks are great, and their pizza is phenom. I have only had their pizza so far, because the price is right. Also have had 3 different deserts, all exquisite. Looking forward to trying their breakfast.


My wife and I met some friends there for breakfast. Our server was pleasant, but didn't know the menu well, explaining that she usually works evening. This wouldn't matter much, but the menu has some ingredients listed that would not be familiar to most midwesterners (Anybody heard of gravlax? Turns out it's cured salmon.) My biggest complaint is the green tea I ordered, which was served incorrectly. This is so easy to get right, there's no excuse for messing it up.


The food was average. In addition, the home-made breakfast sausage was so spicy that I couldn't eat it. When I told the wait person, she said, yes it is spicy if you aren't used to spicy food. There was no, "I'm sorry you didn't like the sausage, could I get you something else?" Or, "I could take a dollar or two off your bill because you couldn't eat the food." BTW. I eat curry. At least at curry restaurants, they ask if you like spicy foods. Maybe, I will try back in a couple of months


Sunday at 1pm. She had the Crab Cakes Benedict. Two hearty loosely-packed cakes topped by perfect medium poached eggs with Hollandaise that could be more plentiful over a tender biscuit. Has browns nice & hot. My Lismore Burger (2 1/4-lb patties) was fresh, a bit pink and the housecut fries top-notch! Could I get some ice with my tap water poured from a glass bottle? Abigail waitressed well. Will be back someday soon, but probably NOT jumping into the ramen noodle menu items!


My husband and I have dined here twice: on the day the restaurant opened, and two weeks later. Although the menu had been abbreviated by the 2nd visit, the selection was wide enough to appeal to kids (poutine & pizza) and adults (pork belly & smoked eel are ingredients in noodle bowls). While they master service times, sit at the chef's table/bar for entertainment and enjoy the craft cocktails: hubs loved the whiskey-based Seamus while I love the dill in the gin-based Crash and Burn.