Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill – Prill Road

Burrachos serves up made to-order Mexican fare in a fun, contemporary atmosphere. To build your own zesty entrées, select from fresh meats, veggies, cheeses, and salsas a la carte style – just begin at one end of the counter and let the chefs guide you along. The ginormous burrito is a definite crowd favorite. Open late on weekends, outdoor seating available, and vegetarian friendly.

Average Cost: Entrée: $6-$9

Average: 3.29
Out of 48 Reviews


Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill
5314 Prill Rd.
Eau Claire, WI



Burrachos is by far the BEST fast-food Mexican place! They are always friendly & put lots of food into your orders. My favorite part is their queso- it tastes amazing!


It's time for some updated reviews on Burracho's, especially the Water St. one...they have breakfast now! It's yummy! Go there, especially this summer (if we ever summer) when they'll be buying their produce from the Farmers' Market!


I will give them a one star just because the delivery driver was nice even though it took almost an hour for my food to arrive, when I got it my tacos pretty much fell apart I thought I had ordered a meal with rice and beans on the side but they just stuffed it in my tacos which made me mad. El Patio is right across the stree so I went there and ordered the taco dinner for the same price as B, I got so much more food and it tasted so much better, not to mention it was ready in 5 minutes. Seriously if your on Water street please dont waste your time going to this crappy tex-mex place when you can get better service and food right across the street


I will give them a star or two for location and contributing to local charities but the food does nothing for me. Make the drive over to the London Square area and try Tacos Juanita or the lunch counter in the back of the Mexican grocery store. Real Mexican food with actual flavor.


I should add that trying to tell the difference between Burrachos/Qdoba/Chipotle is like trying to tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. If you think there is one, you're kidding yourself. This is virtually the same exact food as the aforementioned chains, except for those tiny variations that set the three apart (salsas, queso blanco, the way the sauteed veggies are cooked, etc.). Silly, silly people.