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Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill – Prill Road

Burrachos serves up made to-order Mexican fare in a fun, contemporary atmosphere. To build your own zesty entrées, select from fresh meats, veggies, cheeses, and salsas a la carte style – just begin at one end of the counter and let the chefs guide you along. The ginormous burrito is a definite crowd favorite. Open late on weekends, outdoor seating available, and vegetarian friendly.

Average Cost: Entrée: $6-$9

Average: 3.29
Out of 48 Reviews

Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill
5314 Prill Rd.
Eau Claire, WI



I tell you what. If your hungry and need something to fill the spot. By all means stop and get one of those big arse burritos. They are yummy. Not as good as chipotle but until we get one in the CV its going to have to do. As someone who has worked and lived on or around H2o street. This place comes in quite handy when the rumble in your gut needs some quick gratification.


being one of those hardcore chipotle fans missing it I decided to try this place and I will NEVER AGAIN eat here. it was dry chicken and just no good.


The burritos here are, in my opinion, comparable to the more famous chain Chipolte (although my hardcore Chipolte friend would disagree). While you can get a burrito the size of a small child, my favorite are their huge salads. They put things you never would think to put on a salad - rice, sloppy beans, corn salsa, hot pulled pork, etc. but somehow it works. You can choose to put a dressing on it too, but I find you don't need to. They are decently priced as well.


The burritoes are so yummy I normally get the chicken one and it is so big you better go hungry! You get a lot for the price and you get it how you want it.


Ashley, you hit it on the head, it's like a Subway for mexican food. That is how I explain it to friends who haven't been there yet. The burritos are huge, and full of good, fresh ingredients. The prices are great, and hey, they are (almost) local!