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Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill - Water Street

Burrachos serves up made to order Mexican fare in a fun, contemporary atmosphere. To build your own zesty entrées, select from fresh meats, veggies, cheeses, and sauces a la carte style – just start at one end of the counter and let the chefs guide you along. The ginormous burrito is a definite crowd favorite. Open late on weekends for the bar crowd, delivery and outdoor seating available, and has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Can't make it in? They deliver!

Average Cost: Entrée: $6-$9

Average: 3.82
Out of 11 Reviews

Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill
329 Water St.
Eau Claire, WI



Great food - friendly staff - lunch delivery is the way to go!


Love this place!!!!! Queso is the bomb!


Broke up a fight there once. It was mainly just a bro dude beating the hell out of what I assumed to be his girlfriend or maybe a hooker. And of course he got to go off with no issues but since the dumb EC cops saw me separating them, they tried to take me to jail. Ha. I dunno. I was drunk.


The queso blanco is like white gold! Vegetarians beware: one of the beans is no longer vegetarian friendly b/c they have lard in it. Otherwise, YUM YUM!


The white cheese that comes with chips is so good! (and they don't serve that at Chipotle!) Fast service, good options. I feel like they have continually raised their prices though, it is getting expensive. They have late night service on weekends--nachos!