HuHot Mongolian Grill

Custom build your own stir fry and watch it grilled up right in front of you. There's one flat rate and unlimited refills on your bowls of mixed and matched sauces, spices, and a ridiculously diverse array of meats and veggies. The ingredients vary from day to day, but the most extensive menu options are always at night. Besides being extremely vegetarian friendly and offering gluten-free options, HuHot is more than willing to clean and accommodate to any allergies you may have as well. Party room suitable for about a dozen people. Free birthday dessert.

Average Cost: Entrée: $9-$13

Average: 3.85
Out of 29 Reviews

HuHot Mongolian Grill
3805 S. Oakwood Mall Drive
Eau Claire, WI

 Bar inside the Restaurant

This Mongolia stir-fry restaurant offers a full bar, so you can enjoy an adult beverage while watching the fantastic, fiery performance of the chefs working at the enormous grill. Build your own meal with an extensive array of sauces and a ridiculously diverse array of meats and veggies. The ingredients vary from day to day, but the most extensive menu options are always at night.

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I like the idea of fixing your own food. but I'm not a fan of standing around with nothing to do and waiting for the food to be cooked. You don't have time to talk to your gusts when you have to stand around and wait for the food. Take my food and cook it and then bring it to my table Please. The food was good .


The food was good but I wasn't a fan of standing around in the sticky mess made by people pouring sauce into their bowls. I also did not enjoy people breathing down my back while standing a packed line waiting to get my food cooked. Probably would have gone up for more food if I hadn't disliked the whole process. The atmosphere was very bland. With a name like "HuHot Mongolian Grill" I expected a more Eastern atmosphere and music, not Glee cover songs, plastic bowls, paper place mats, and plastic Pepsi glasses. Most of this is personal preference rather than truly poor restaurant quality, but I won't likely be going back.


Great place! Amazingly fresh food and a fun and entertaining environment.


AFter all of the hype about this place, my wife and I finally went there a couple of weeks after it opened. After waiting in line to get my name on a list to wait some more, we finally were seated after about 20 minutes. We ordered two sodas and a potsticker appetizer and then proceeded to the buffet. There was a huge backed-up line to the very end. We painstakingly made our way through the buffet carefully selecting and piling our noodles, meat and veggies in one of their not-so-big bowls. Mine was heaping because I didn't want to have to come back and wait another half-hour to go through the line again! We made it to the "sauce bar" which was strewn with other people's meat and veggie selections that had fallen off into the sauce containers. The salad bar style sauce buffet was difficult to manage due to the low sneeze guard and long-handled ladels in the sauce pots. It made the sauce area and floor around it super sticky and gross. The grill area wasn't much better. The cooks at the grill were flinging food around the grilll at a chaotic rate. It made it seem messy and somewhat unsanitary due to all of the sweat beading off them from working the hot grill all day. Plus, you really had to keep track of which dish was yours since it could have easily gotten switched with someone elses. I had carefully topped my heaping bowl with a large carrot disc, which somehow got misplaced on the grill. Anyway, after receiving our hot bowls of mongolian goodness, we went back to our table to find our watery sodas and luke-warm potstickers waiting for us. Overall, the place is fairly pricey eventhough we went during lunch. Not worth the hype in my opinion.