Quickest and cheapest $5 large pepperoni/cheese pizza take out ! Love it (more so for their price!)


Greasy, but a decent pizza if you're really in a hurry.


Personally, I don't like Little Caesars at all. I feel like it's all crust and very light on the sauce, cheese and toppings. $5 is cheap, but you really do get what you pay for. Shell out a couple more bucks and go to Papa John's instead.


I just recently visited Little Ceasars. I have to say, compared to frozen, c-store and having to mix one up, the 5.00 pizza is a good deal. It taste good and no fuss, spending lots of money. I wish it was closer to my house. Can't beat the price.


$5 for a pizza and you don't have to call ahead...why aren't there more of these closer to my house? The crazy bread is quite yummy!