Cold Stone Creamery

Personal customization is the name of the game at Cold Stone, where you can mix and match an armada of toppings and ingredients into one (or more) of the shop's many high-quality ice creams. Try customer favorite Birthday Cake Remix or create a concoction all your own. The atmosphere is fun and often frantic as employees scoop the goods and sing songs. Ice cream cakes are also popular. Seasonal outdoor seating. Catering available.

Average Cost: Entrée: $3-$6

Average: 4.03
Out of 29 Reviews

Cold Stone Creamery
4613 Keystone Crossing
Eau Claire, WI



OMG when I die I wast cheese cake ice cream going with me. Love Love this place~


seriously 5 stars? not anymore. who would pay that much for ice cream? not me, I can go to the grocery store and buy a gallon of ice cream plus the toppings for the same price and enjoy it many times.


Great rich creamy ice cream with decadent add-ons. The kids get a kick out of watching them mix all the goodies on the cold marble slab, in front of the ordering customer. I'm also very partial to their iced drinks. Definitely a few cuts above Culver's custard.


Do you prefer ice cream, baked goods, or candy?? Doesn't matter at this place. You can have it all wrapped up into one bowl of deliciousness.