Poor service, poor food quality. I find this with all the local Arby's.


I love their ranch and bacon sandwich and their curly fries! Kind of expensive for fast food though.


is it just me or do all the employees really seem to hate their job at every location?! I do like that they got a new one dollar menu though, and do like the food!!!


I try to stay away from fast food, but I actually don't consider Arbys a fast food place. I love their mozzarella sticks and their French Dip sandwich is so good. The bread is grilled perfectly and the au jus sauce makes it melt in your mouth.


Almost every single time I go to the Hendrickson Dr. location, my chicken sandwich is cold. The fries are also usually cold. More than once, they screwed up my order and/or don’t put everything in the bag. I am pretty much done with this place. Sonic, right next door, is a much better option. I have also been to the Hastings Way location. No better luck! Forgot to put the fries in the bag with my combo meal. Went back and was treated very rudely. When the food is hot and fresh, it is pretty good.