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Rice Palace

This traditional Thai restaurant brings authentic Asian cuisine to downtown Eau Claire. They offer a variety of rice, noodle, and seafood dishes like pho and stir fry, along with soups, salads, spring rolls, egg rolls, papaya, and a wide variety of meats and teas. Customers are welcome to customize their own dishes with one of the most popular being the Drunken Noodles (noodles, choice of meat, peppers, onions, brocolli, basil) and one of the most unique being Tom Yam Goong (a spicy shrimp soup with squid, tofu, and mushrooms, served in a large pot heated by a candle).

Average Cost: $7-12

Average: 4.00
Out of 8 Reviews

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Rice Palace
210 S. Barstow St.
Eau Claire, WI

Daily Dining Deals

Wednesday Deals

Rice Palace: Pad Thai

Get a plate of delicious homemade Pad Thai with your choice of meat for just $6.

Friday Deals

Rice Palace: Pho Soup

Get any size bowl of pho soup with your choice of meat for just $5.

Saturday Deals

Rice Palace: Egg Roll Special

Pork, chicken & vegetable egg rolls are just 99¢ each.



Rice Palace is the best! They have huge, inexpensive eggrolls and the red curry is absolutely wonderful!


I went here a few times when they first opened and thought the food was just okay. But I've been back literally dozens of times since and always enjoy my food. A big plate of Pad Thai is just $5 on Wednesdays and a big bowl of Pho is just $5 on Fridays. The service is always friendly and quick. I will keep coming back!


I really enjoy this place, especially on Saturdays for $1 egg rolls


Not as good and authentic as the other Thai places in EC.


Expect a long wait during lunch least an hour. Had the Pho Friday special...large bowl of combination pho...$5. Pho was OK...not as good as ERP. Also had some shrimp wraps. Those were very tasty. Basically a large shrimp wrapped in a wonton wrap with cabbage and carrot and then deep fried. The sauce in the "ketchup" bottle was also very good. Slightly spicy and also a bit sweet. My coworker ordered the steamed rolls....not what I expected...basically a plate full of gelatinous rice wrap goo with a bit of chicken and cilantro mixed in...I just couldn't get past the texture. The flavor was OK. Think I'll stick to the fried appetizers. Being open on Saturdays is convenient. Egg Rolls only 99 cents on Saturdays. That is a plus.