Racy D’lene’s Coffee Lounge

Connected via a convenient hallway to The Nucleus Café, Racy’s is a coffee shop with an impressive range of brews. Relaxed doesn't even begin to describe Racy's. Comfy couches and chairs take up the floor space. Often, groups of college students are found lounging on them with their laptops, friends, or both. Check out the desserts and astounding menu of distinctive breakfast and sandwich options. Outdoor seating, vegetarian friendly.

Average Cost: Entrée: $5-$7

Average: 4.25
Out of 25 Reviews


Racy D’lene’s Coffee Lounge
404 Riverside Ave.
Eau Claire, WI



Since when did working in a hipster coffee house make you deserving of the biggest ego in food service? The drinks were good, the food was typical coffee-house fare, but I just couldn't deal with the people who work here. Some people find aloofness charming, but it has no place in food service. These people barely had the time to look at me, much less put on a friendly smile. I'll be back to give them a second chance...but only because it's a nice, peaceful place to relax.


It'd be nice to hang out here if you didn't have to wait a half hour for service.


The food is tasty,but,the service mediocre at best. Great place if you have most of the day for one meal. The owner is just too full of himself.


Wow....what can I say? Traveling near and far for my job I can't find a latte to die for like I can at Racy's. I also buy the espresso beans and take them home and brew them myself and am never disappointed. I'm very spoiled now. love the atmosphere, love the coffee, love the food. It's like a "best kept secret"...and it's all mine! hehe