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Pizza Del Re

Known for its plentiful, everyday pizza buffet. Many locals grew up going to Pizza Del Re for an after-football/baseball/softball/soccer/etc. celebration. It’s a casual joint serving up a classic thin-crust pizza. Private party room, meatless pizzas available, open late on weekends. Kids can stop by on their birthday for a free small one topping pizza.

Average Cost: $7-$9 for buffet

Average: 3.84
Out of 25 Reviews

Pizza Del Re
911 N. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI



Pizza Delre is a dive but it's cheap and delicious if you want fancy go somewhere else


Good buffet


Drop the mic! Hands down the best pizza in town! I have eaten there every week for over 20 years!


Start out by saying that this place is probably the least fancy in Eau Claire. Looks cheap. BUT... It is my favorite pizza in all of Eau Claire. Buffet for $8 for salad and pizza. Not a lot of pizza choices sometimes but it's good. Best garlic bread anywhere. To ec-ab reviewer who clearly is only used to DiGorno pizza. It's called thin crust. Unless maybe you've only had Tombstone thin crust. "Paper thin" not really it's the same thickness as Draganetti's. When is pizza healthy lol. Troll