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China Wok

Authentic Chinese food found right in Eau Claire. China Wok features a broad menu of Chinese fare with crispy veggies and abundant proteins available for dining in, carry out and delivery to much of Eau Claire. Check out their lunch specials, served 6 days a week.

Average Cost: $8-$10

Average: 4.00
Out of 5 Reviews

China Wok
2605 Golf Rd.
Eau Claire, WI


Jane Livingston

Worst website in the history of human kind!!! Otherwise, the food's pretty good.


China Wok is a pretty good Chinese delivery/takeout spot on the south side of Eau Claire. Their delivery is fast and provide good customer service. Their selection of dishes is huge and most of it is very good. Be cautious about over-ordering, their portion size is ridiculous. Don't eat in, there are three table and is very cramped. Hope they stick around!


I only had China Wok once, but it was so good. I'm a Chinese food connoisseur, so I'm constantly trying different places. This is a perfect Chinese take-out place. Fresh veggies, great rice, and good crab rangoon. Definitely try it!


A good, fast takeout place... by far the best Chinese takeout I've had in Eau Claire. Now, that's not saying much, because most of the Chinese takeout I've had is pretty dreadful stuff. But China Wok is just about on par with Chinese takeout you'd find in a larger city. There are actual vegetables, the black bean sauce actually has black beans, everything is cooked properly, the sauces have flavor, the deep fried stuff doesn't taste like the fryer hasn't been cleaned since the late 70s.


Great take out Chinese restaurant! I've never had a problem here & they're very speedy. They also have great prices for their food!