The owners are always fighting. What a good time.

Dick Hanson

Great food...but have you ever watched the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld? There is some amazing similarities.


One of the best authentic Chinese places in Eau Claire. Golden Dragon provides a huge selection of good dishes and appetizers . It has become a staple on the north side of town for good food and it is very reasonably priced. The customer service can be pretty awful, where the cooks argue frequently in the back. One of the big things that hurts Golden Dragon is the interior; it's obvious they haven't put money or effort in making it look nice. Don't eat in, get delivery or take it home.


I have had Asian food in New York all the way to Seattle. So, I am serious lover of Asian food. I recently moved to the West side of Eau Claire and stopped at Golden Dragon for take out. I ordered one egg roll and shrimp fried rice. The portions were extremely small and the food was expensive. No problem, I thought, this will be a nice light dinner and at least I can get my Asian food fix. When I got it home to eat I was extremely dissapointed by the taste. The rice was drenched in soy sauce. The shrimp could not even be truly defined as shrimp because they were so tiny and overall the food gave me indigestion. I will never order food from this place again. I would recommend China Buffet in the Shopko plaza. They provide huge portions. The food is always fresh and the serivce is super friendly with a smile.


We ordered from the Golden Dragon once or twice a week (3 times this week aprox $80.00 total spent this week), tonight we were shorted an egg roll so we called them and they told us we were LYING! We were shocked! We will NEVER order from them again. They are very pricey (32.00) for a dinner for two but we didn't mind paying that until we were accused of lying about a $2.00 egg roll. BIG mistake Golden Dragon... as we will tell everyone we know about this little incident. We will be finding a new place to order our Chinese from now. Stir Fry 88 in the Oakwood Mall has delicious food at a very reasonable price consider giving them a try before you get insulted as we did at the Golden Dragon.