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Acoustic Cafe - Menomonie

A top-notch hoagie shop, making everything from hummus to bread from scratch, the Menomonie Acoustic Café features weekly live music and a local  artist display that changes monthly. The trademark high-back booths make it a great place to grab lunch, hold a casual meeting, or just hang out. Outdoor seating, vegetarian friendly, local brews on tap are available. Gluten free and vegan options are available.

Average Cost: Entrée: $5-$8

Average: 3.83
Out of 12 Reviews

Acoustic Cafe - Menomonie
102 Main St.
Menomonie, WI



Awesome place for Pitas and Soup.


Stopped in for the first time today while passing through Menomonie...I have to say I like this branch much more than the EC one! The fact that I can use the bathroom without punching a number in a key pad kind of helps, but anyway, great sandwich, great latte, great vibe. And the hot guys working there add bonus points!


My go-to place in Menomonie. Service is great, food is great, and it has personality. The only down side is the lack of parking as i refuse to parallel park (trust me, i shouldn't be allowed to). Hey! There's going to be a bus, soon! Yay!


Acoustic Cafe = AMAZING!!! Great sandwiches, soups and drinks! I also love the atmosphere. This is a very fun, chill place to grab a bite and catch up with some friends or to study. .... I've never had the hot chocolate, but treelizard is being way overly dramatic with 2 posts whining about it .... it is probably just as amazing as the rest of what Acoustic has to offer.


I've been rather sad the last three times I've gone because they are ALWAYS out of Pita Pockets, which is what I like best. They are yummy. You would think that they would stock more if they knew it was so popular. Love the atmosphere, love the location...