Volume One produces new local guides in almost every issue.

The guides listed below contain up-to-date listings, articles, and events for a number of important local topics. Some of these guides have their own mini website while others simply gather together helpful resources and information.

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Start Up

Volume One's guide to bootstrapping your own business.

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Winter Fun

You know how every December you get really bummed out when it starts getting really cold, the sun sets at like 5, and you have to deal with warming up your car and scraping your windshield every morning? You realize just how much you hate winter, and you refuse to do anything outdoors until April. Well stop it. No. Seriously. Stop it. Winter doesn’t have to be this way, and we’ve made this special section just to prove it. It’s high time you rethink what winter means in the Chippewa Valley and embrace all the truly awesome stuff that is just for you.

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Craft of Cocktails

More and more bars are slowing down and focusing on more refined, complex-flavored drinks that go beyond the mixed drinks we all know.

Sponsored by Johnny's Italian Steakhouse

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Shop Talk

Volume One’s “Shop Talk” focuses on some of the Chippewa Valley’s most engaging local businesses – those that have made a name for themselves serving our region for years, and even decades. These venues are owned and operated by locals, to serve locals, and these are their stories.

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Baby-centric articles, listings and resources.

presented by Mayo Clinic Health System

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Pet Project

So it's safe to say there's a lot of puppy love going around, especially here in the Chippewa Valley. Pet owners and lovers of all kinds will find interesting info. Peruse a few of the local pet pampering places as well as a lengthy list of pet stores, groomers, adoption centers, breeders, pet sitters and boarders, trainers, and animal hospitals.

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Farm Fresh

Find out what you need to know about local produce - a harvest schedule, list of community gardens Eau Claire CSA's and farmers markets.

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Summer Occasions

Summer is officially here, which means it's time to party! It's the perfect time of the year to get together with friends and family. Whether you're celebrating grads, dads, family reunions, Independence Day, weddings, and other such sunny get-togethers, our newest special section will outline ways to make your gathering warm and fun, just like the season itself!

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Summer Music Preview

It’s that time of year again. The one where we can finally unbury from the snow and go outside. In Wisconsin, we cherish our summer months closely, and try to do anything and everything we can while soaking up the sun. Music is definitely no exception. In the Chippewa Valley, we have a stunning music scene, and it never blossoms as beautifully as it does in these precious summer months. From major music festivals, to outdoor concert series, to bar shows, to one-off concerts, music in the great outdoors is where it’s at. So take a look at our newest special section and start planning your musical summer.

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Hot Spots - Eau Claire Summer Guide

If you're gonna sweat, you might as well have fun doing it - and there's more hot fun to be had around here than ever before. Below you'll find listings to pretty much every summer-related thing there is to do in the Chippewa Valley, from always up-to-date event calendars to the area's most compressive listings for summertime activities, places, attractions, and more. Don't forget the sunblock.

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Up North

Heading "north" for the weekend is a part of the culture of living in the Chippewa Valley. Whether your relatives share a cabin, you're renting an RV for the summer, or you're simply setting up a tent, enjoying the great outdoors in the thick of the northwoods is one of the many unique opportunities we have available to us. This special section celebrates northwoods living, and spending some quality time in the woods and water of up north.

Sponsored by Green Oasis

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Wine Time

Whether you're a newbie or a straight-up connoisseur, the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas offer a vast variety of different wines and beverages. Despite Wisconsin being known as a beer state, we hold our own in the sweet (or dry) treat. So as the weather turns nice, hit the road - or stay right in town - and enjoy the fruit of the vine.

Sponsored by Woodman's Market

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Home and Garden

We know you’re excited that spring is finally here – we all are – but while we imagine Saturday afternoons relaxing in the sun with a nice book and pitcher of lemonade, chances are you’ll be spending the next several months doing yard work. Prepping the garden, reseeding and mowing the lawn, fixing the siding, et al. Well with Volume One’s annual At Home special section, we’ve made your road ahead easier and far more fun. Check out stories on apartment gardening, home organizing, carpet recycling and listings of all the garden centers, interior design places, and events in the Valley.

Sponsored by Down to Earth Garden Center

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Outdoors Adventures

Whether you're into biking, fishing, climbing, paddling, running, or walking, the very second when it looks like winter is fading in the Chippewa Valley your pulse starts racing. You can't wait to get out and hit the trails, waterways, and other landmarks of natural beauty that define our area. And that's why we make this guide. It's all for you. So you know where to go and what to do when you're hankering for an adventure.

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How to Adult

Stepping into the roles of adulthood can be a bit like wading into a frigid pond. Just when you think you’re acclimated, you take another step and the realization of a new responsibility chills you all over again. Thankfully, it’s an awkward, scary, exciting experience we all share, and we can help each other get out there and be the best grown-ups we can be! Written by people who are still figuring it out, hopefully this section will help turn the slow wade into a relieving plunge.

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Urban Living Rental Guide

Being a renter ain’t easy. For some, it’s the first time living on your own. For another group, it’s a transition into homeownership. For others, it’s the chosen way of life or a paycheck-to-paycheck necessity. No matter what, it’s no picnic. And while it’s fairly easy to find homeowner information, resources for renters can be tougher to come by. But alas, Volume One has you covered with helpful tips and need-to-knows on the world of Rental Living.

Sponsored by Commonweal Development Corporation

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Death & Taxes

Nothing is certain in life, the old saying goes, but death and taxes. And we’ll admit that, under most circumstances, neither subject is very uplifting to talk about. They can be pretty boring topics, too: Skimming through a stack of IRS paperwork may make you wish you were dead, and that’s even before you find out what you owe.

Nonetheless, both death and taxes – and the financial and legal intersection of the two – are critical topics for all of us. Making sure we’ve planned well, financially and otherwise, can ease our anxiety and make our lives more comfortable and fulfilling ... at least until the inevitable happens. Until then, you’ve got this guide.

Sponsored by Clifton Larson Allen

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Weddings & Occasions

Let us provide the elbow that guides your trip down the aisle. Because we all know that aisles—though straight and narrow – can trip you up sometimes. We believe that, until you've read this section—and subsequently gathered all the green wedding advice possible, internalized the folly of movie brides & grooms, turned to local vendors for wedding gifts, scouted out local organic caterers, and pondered the varied wedding customs of the world—your first step will be a doozy.

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Holiday Party Planner

Planning that big holiday party, but overwhelmed? We’re here to help! This guide is designed to help you with ideas, planning and hosting the BEST holiday party you've ever thrown.

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Journey Ahead

We all get old. In fact, some of us, right at this very moment, ARE old. But "old" doesn't mean what it used to. This is why we've created this special section devoted to the challenges and opportunities of growing older in the Chippewa Valley.

Sponsored by the ADRC of Eau Claire County

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Coffee Culture

There's an entire community surrounding coffee, cappuccino, frappes, mochas, and more -- that's all the ones I know off the top of my head. But the point is, coffee -- as an idea -- is much bigger. With this special section, we hope to not only cover local coffee itself, but the culture surrounding it.

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Halloween Hauntings

Halloween originated centuries ago as a Pagan festival among the Celts of Ireland and Great Britain. Fast-forward a few hundred years to the present day Chippewa Valley where Halloween has become a night when kids stuff their faces with processed sugar and grownups dress up and parade around like idiots. In short, Halloween has become more awesome than ever before. And more than any other time of year, Halloween time is when our thoughts turn to monsters, ghosts, and that ... eerie presence ... lurking just around the corner. The next few pages are a guide to all of it. Rip the pages out and place them beneath your pillow at night – they will protect you.

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Kids & Families

A complete guide for local events, listings, stories, and perspectives, all delivered through a family-oriented lens that explores themes including community, discovery, creativity, activity, living, and more.

Sponsored by Mayo Clinic Health System

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Check Out Menomonie

Events, stories, and other important tidbits from Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Sponsored by Westconsin Credit Union and Explore Menomonie.

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Beer and Cheese

It’s hard to imagine life without beer and/or cheese. In fact, just typing those last words makes our native Wisconsin blood boil – after all, beer and cheese are right behind brats, sauerkraut, and a distaste for salad in the Wisconsin food pyramid, right? Come with us, as we explore these important issues.

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Where the Jobs Are

Volume One's special jobs section is here to give you the resources, statistics, and advice you need to take the training wheels off, shift into the right gear, and cruise down the road of success.

Sponsored by Chippewa Valley Technical College

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On The Money

Are you doing all you can to assure that your finances are in order? We talked to local finance experts and they've agreed to help. Use their knowledge and a little bit of your own to get your money lined up.

Sponsored by Royal Credit Union

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Go Green Chippewa Valley

Our annual green feature reinvigorates the eco scene with a selection of tips, tricks, and articles that make living sustainably second nature here in the Chippewa Valley. Take baby steps toward a change using the tip calendar, find out what's hot and what's not, see who's picking up on the trends in the community, and recycle in ways you never imagined possible.

Sponsored by Xcel Energy

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Home Remodel

Remodelers can tell you lots of funny stories about siding installed upside down – and sometimes scary stories involving do-it-yourself electrical wiring gone awry. So before you start your next remodeling project, read these tips to make sure it’s a hit.

Sponsored by the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association

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Fall Harvest

We’ve gathered many classic Fall activities for you here in one autumnal guide, along with seasonal stories about celebrating an old-school Oktoberfest, safely preserving your bountiful harvest, and finding the perfect leaf-peeping paradise.

Sponsored by The Informalist Restaurant

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Vintage Wares

Stylish antiques & collectibles for your local lifestyle.

Sponsored by Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center

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Getaway Guide

Whether it’s roadside attractions, cultural tours, cross-country road trips, beach resort relaxation, romantic getaways, family outings, outdoor conquests, or out-of-country experiences, Volume One’s annual summer travel section has got you covered. In this year’s edition, we focus on the regional waterways and the cities and attractions that surround them – from adventure getaways to relaxing cruises and lighthouse tours. Check it all out in Hip Trips, where it’s always 70 and sunny.

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Back To School

We know. It's still summer. The last thing you're thinking about is having to go back to school. Well, sorry to throw a wet blanket all over your sunny, summer dreams, but wake up! The new school year is upon us. Use this special section to gear up and get ready to learn!

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Car Culture

This section highlights all the crazy car clubs and the spirit behind their passion. Get behind the wheel, turn the key, and let it rev!

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Valley Style

Here in the Chippewa Valley, we have some pretty stylish people. It doesn’t matter what kind of style is in or cool. Style is in-and-of-itself about pure self-expression. So get out there, do you, and work it ... Valley style.