Domino’s Pizza - Chippewa Falls

Average Cost: Entrée: $10-$18

Domino’s delivers a wide selection of thin, hand-tossed, and deep dish crust pizzas right to your doorstep, now crafted with their newer recipe. They’ve also got breadsticks, chicken wings, and desserts.


Average: 3.00
Out of 4 Reviews


For More Information
 (715) 726-2626

354 Chippewa Mall Dr
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



ZERO stars after trying Dominoes Pasta in Bread. The Pasta Noodles were good. If this were a sit down restaurant I would have sent the dish back and left the establishment.


After tonight's carry out order I've dropped this location by two stars. One and done with the Philly Cheese-steak. It was filling but too greasy and salty for my gastronomical liking. I'll try the pasta in bread next. No Veterans discount offered by staff when asked.


They deliver to Klein Hall veterans, decent pizza, reasonable price.


Ordered a pizza from here when I was like 16 years old. I was wasted as can be. I remember the pizza guy coming to the door. The door was right at the bottom of the main stairs at my friend's house. We got so excited for food that I accidentally rode my friend down the steps like a toboggan to answer the door. Since the front door was already open, he pizza dude saw that and gave us the pizza for free because it was the "coolest thing he's ever seen." I bet he still tells that story.