Here's a directory of all of the listings Volume One collects each year.

The guides listed below contain up-to-date listings for topics ranging from Health & Fitness to Beer & Cheese. For example: the Weddings guide lists every wedding photographer, dj, venue, caterer ... everything you could possibly need to know about planning a wedding in the Chippewa Valley. That's just one example! As you can see there are many more. Enjoy!


Great camping sites throughout the Chippewa Valley

18 items

Car Clubs

Local groups & clubs full of fellow car enthusiasts.

10 items

Car Events

Check out beautifully restored cars and meet with other auto enthusiasts.

9 items

Coffee Shops

Get your caffeine fix at these local coffee purveyors.

40 items

Corn Mazes

Get lost and found in the Valley's finest maize mazes

8 items


How gonna expand: more of the same resources

6 items


How gonna finance it: loans, grants, contests

14 items

Garden Clubs

Join a community of your fellow planters.

3 items

Holiday Tours

Take a festive holiday-themed tour of remarkable area locations

5 items

Local Markets

Check out these area purveyors of specialty foods and more.

8 items


Where they’re gonna do business: home, open spaces, incubator, co-working

5 items


What they’re gonna do: business plan, market analysis, product dev't.

10 items


Get out on your feet and exercise while raising money for charity.

33 items

Sledding Hills

Check out the Chippewa Valley's many frosty angles

10 items

Sweet Stuff

A list of the Chippewa Valley's holiday chocolatiers, bakeries and related businesses.

13 items


Tour theses local sites of interest.

12 items

Tree Farms

Take the family out to a local farm and hunt for the perfect pine

6 items

Wine Bars

A collection of places to enjoy a night out and a few glasses. Many of the businesses in the wineries & vineyards section also have their own in-house wine bar.

7 items

Wine Festivals

A selection of wine-focused events from around state.

9 items

Wineries & Vineyards

Featuring locations in Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, La Crosse, Pepin, Pierce, St. Croix, Trempeleau, and Vernon counties.

19 items


Bushels of Apples, Fruit Picking, Tours, Cider, and so on

12 items

Patches & More

Pumpkins, Gourds, Hayrides, Mazes, Fruit Projectiles, Cider, and more

12 items

Green Groups

Organizations you can join to work for a sustainable future.

22 items

Green Energy Programs

Groups, organizations, and cooperatives that work to provide efficient and sustainable energy.

3 items


Relax with these area acupuncturists.

6 items

Dance Studios

Everything from ballet to tango and everything in between.

16 items


Relax those muscles.

21 items


Advisors and purveyors of healthier options.

14 items

Wellness Centers

Meditation, spiritual guidance, relaxation therapy and more.

16 items


Get off your feet with some dance-based exercise.

8 items

Garden Centers

The best local places to buy supplies for your green thumb.

17 items


Area summer camps and more

52 items

Area Parks

The fields, the playgrounds, and so much more

91 items

Downhill Skiing

Ski-able hills just a short trip from the Chippewa Valley

11 items

Ice Rinks

Slice up the ice on rinks both indoor and outdoor

17 items

Sledding Hills

Check out the Chippewa Valley's many frosty angles

12 items


Shred up the slopes at these board-friendly locations

9 items


Grab the 'shoes and leave some snowy tracks

10 items

Pet Shops

Get pet food, supplies, accessories, snacks, and more.

8 items