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Local Novel Journeys from Midwest to New York City

Dustin Hahn, Tom Giffey

Eau Claire writer Grant Maierhofer is leaving the realm of poetry with the hard-copy publication of his novel, The Persistence of Crows. The novel follows Henry Alfi, a college ...

New Signs mark miles on Chippewa, Old Abe State Trails

Tom Giffey

Our for a jog and forgot your pedometer? The Indianhead Track Club is here to help. The running group recently donated $1,600 to the city of Eau Claire to pay for signs marking every half-mile along the city portions ...

City Council gets Confluence Task Force Rolling

Tom Giffey

The Eau Claire City Council recently approved the creation of a task force to choose the board overseeing the planned Confluence Center, a multiuse, public-private performing arts center. The Confluence Council Task Force will be composed of two City Council members, two representatives of UW-Eau Claire ...

Number of jobs on upswing in the Chippewa Valley

Tom Giffey

As much as all of us working stiffs are happy when Friday rolls around, deep down we’re still grateful to have jobs. And, according to the latest state stats, more of us in the Chippewa Valley have got ’em. Unemployment in the metro ...

Uphill Progress

plans for winter recreation paradise move forward

Tom Giffey, illustrated by Kaitlyn Bryan

A group of winter sports enthusiasts wants to take Eau Claire’s Pinehurst Park back to the future, and now they have funding to pursue their dream. As soon as this winter, the north side park will have improved slopes for sledding, tubing ...

Banking on a festival?

Tom Giffey

About a dozen times a year, 100 bonfires are set ablaze atop the three rivers that flow through downtown Providence, R.I., bringing thousands of visitors out to listen to music and experience a dramatic nighttime mixture of water and fire ...

Task Force Tasked with Forming Confluence Board

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

An audacious, transformative plan is proposed. An elite task force is drawn together from diverse backgrounds to make the plan a reality. While that’s a tried-and-true action movie formula, it’s also a description of the step taken this week ...

The Ramada Saga, Episode IV: A New Hope?

Tom Giffey

The ongoing tale of the downtown Eau Claire hotel formerly known as a Ramada Inn took another twist this week, with a new buyer seemingly riding to the rescue of the troubled business. Could this be the savior needed to bring the Barstow Street ...

Look Out for the Blazin' Blugold

Wait a second: The fastest man in college football plays for UW-Eau Claire?

Tom Giffey

Even if you’re a big fan of college football, you probably haven’t heard of the fastest man in the game. That’s a shame, because he doesn’t suit up for some far-away BCS title contender. In fact, he plays right here in the Chippewa Valley.

Put Up or Shut Up

canning autumn’s bounty can be easy – as long as you’re careful not to poison yourself

Tom Giffey

Until a few years ago, food preservation seemed like an archaic custom to me, practiced only by rural grandmothers with vast root cellars and determined-looking homemakers on World War II-era “victory garden” posters. Then I married into a family ...

Celebrate Eau Claire to Bring Good Times, Laughter Too

Tom Giffey

To quote the immortal wisdom of Kool and the Gang, “Let’s all celebrate and have a good time!” The occasion is Celebrate Eau Claire 2013, a festival slated for South Barstow Street from 1-5pm Saturday, Sept. 21. Like the annual September ...

Helping with Hunger

documentary aimed at highlighting food insecurity

Tom Giffey

At any given time, there are thousands of hungry people in the Chippewa Valley – and they’re not people who forgot to pack a lunch. An estimated 1 in 8 Eau Claire County residents experience food hardship, and 1 in 5 children in the county face ...

Not So Fast!

Landmark Commission vote could slow push for Confluence center

Tom Giffey

The proposed Confluence Project hit a detour Sept. 3 when the Eau Claire Landmarks Commission voted to pursue a historic designation for one of the buildings that would be torn down to make way for the multiuse arts facility, a move it took only ...


library art committee tries to attract new talent by exposing itself

Tom Giffey

The title of the latest art exhibit at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library – “We’ll Show You Ours” – is an attention-grabbing bit of double-entendre. The works on display are attention-grabbing as well: The show, which opened Sept. 8 and ...

Buy Just Local

Just Local Food now letting customers become owners

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As its name indicates, Just Local Food Cooperative has always been a co-op. Effective this month, however, it’s gotten even co-op-ier.

5 TV Shows Set in Wisconsin

Tom Giffey

The all-American city of Milwaukee was the setting for this all-American tribute to 1950s nostalgia. If there’s ever any question that Wisconsinites are cool, look no further than The Fonz (Aaay!), even if he – and the show – eventually jumped ...

Landmark panel vote could delay Confluence Project

Tom Giffey

The proposed Confluence Project hit a detour Tuesday when the Eau Claire Landmarks Commission voted to pursue a historic designation for one of the buildings that would be torn down to make way for the multiuse arts facility, a move it took only ...

A Writer's Novel Approach

Kickstarter funds sought to offset wages while finishing book

Tom Giffey

Aspiring novelist Erin Gitchell of Menomonie has finally decided to take time off and hammer out the epic fantasy novel, The Sowing of Rebellion, that she’s been working on for two and a half years. The drawback: Doing so means she’ll have to ...