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Why can't we have adequate housing for the homeless, yet we can support a confluence project costing millions?

Because the Confluence Project is driven by middle and upper middle class folks looking for an entertainment venue. Programs for the poor offer none of that. They have no problem transferring money from the lower middle class and the poor to pay for their recreation. Naturally, they rationalize it with the ubiquitous claim that the latest project will "broaden the tax base!" It is the same justification for demanding the lower middle class and working poor subsidize a new arena for the Bucks in Milwaukee.

The editor of Volume One is fond of using phrases like, "We're not going back," in terms of "progress" in Eau Claire on the entertainment front. That, of course, begs the question: who precisely makes up this "we" of whom he writes? His magazine certainly isn't something that focuses on entertainment appealing to a broad cross-section of folks in Eau Claire.


A few bicyclists warn pedestrians on the trails when they're about to pass them. But most don't, and they really should. Bikers want courtesy from motorists, and they deserve it. But pedestrians deserve respect as well.

They aren't just bike trails. However, that has no bearing on the oblivious people who walk two or three wide down trails, blocking bicyclists and joggers.

I have little doubt that these are the same folks with their butts planted in the passing lane on the highway, creating moving roadblocks and also the same folks who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store as they gawk up at the top shelf looking for the right brand of soup. As the comedian Brian Regan said, "Oh, it get it...we're all living in YOUR world!"

Every time I walk on the trails, I walk on the right side and am vigilant about keeping track of people coming up from behind. I can't help it...I was raised with manners and taught to be cognizant of those around me.


Best Hiking/Biking Trail

I can't give enough credit to the job that CORBA does maintaining and building mountain bike trails in the area. I don't think there is another club in the state that accomplishes what they accomplish in such short periods of time, not to mention the events they help organize.