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"RedMarkerBlackMarker" by FanOffBirdSafe

A music video for "RedMarkerBlackMarker" by Eau Claire's FanOffBirdSafe, who say it's a "Stupid fun video we threw together on a Friday night."

R.O.I. Return On Ingenuity — The Most Costly Mistake

Written, conceived, and narrated by award-winning local designer and Fast Company blogger David Brier ... "This is about Entrepreneurs, Rebels, Game Changers and Innovators. In other words, those who get things DONE. "

The State Theater Was a Filthy Mess (in 1986)

A WEAU 13 News report from June 12, 1986 covering "the state of the State Theatre and a plan to renovate and reopen it by 1988." You hear from a few of the key local people who helped to lead the restoration of the theater from an empty, neglected movie house ...

Making Sense of "Crazy" | Amy McGovern | TEDxUW-Stout

With powerful, reflective details, Amy Martin McGovern shares her personal experience with brain disorder. Symptoms that present as one illness may in actuality be of a different cause. In pushing the audience to explore the question “What would you do if you could not trust your brain?” ...

Old Ideas, New Knowledge, Sustainable Communities | Nels Paulson | TEDxUW-Stout

Nels Paulson is a sociologist - a researcher and a fly-fisher who mentors students in making meaning of the intersections of science and community. He believes we know the answers for many of the ills of the world, answers that are inconvenient to the autonomous, disconnected lives we choose ...

My Students Played the Game, and I Leveled Up | Dan Zabrowski | TEDxUW-Stout

What do popular video role play games and frequent flyer miles have in common? Negative stereotypes of video games are beaten back in this exploration of gaming in the middle school learning milieu, and as tool #1 for leveling up (spoiler: the underlings and their overlord win) ...

The Sidekicks cover "Thriller"

Longtime local singer/songwriters Jeff White and James Ignacio – aka The Sidekicks – cover "Thriller" back in 2010 at the Village of Terror in Chippewa Falls.

Summer Comes... Eaux Claires 2016 Announcement Video

If you attended last July's Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival just outside of Eau Claire, this video oughta kick ya square in the nostalgics. Featuring 5 minutes of fest footage, a Bon Iver tune, and Michael Perry voiceover, the video helped to announce the 2016 ‪Eaux Claires‬ dates: August 12 and

Oakwood Mall's Grand Opening (1986)

A WEAU 13 News report from October 15, 1986 covering Oakwood Mall's Grand Opening. Synchronized fashion dancers! A mime! An elderly woman saying, "Awesome!" We swear – the 1986 vibes will last you all day long.

Drone's Eye View: Hotel Lismore Construction

Watch as Market & Johnson's drone pilot Corey Drivas flies around the Hotel Lismore in downtown Eau Claire. Shot in mid-August (2015), you can see the progress of the building's new exterior.

Like the Majestic Eagle, Soar Around Haymarket Landing

Watch as Market & Johnson's Corey Drivas pilots a drone around the Haymarket Landing project in downtown Eau Claire. Shot just a few days ago, you can see how far the new building has developed, checking it out from all sides, and of course, the top.

In Memory of the Wagner's Shortcut

Enjoy a driving tour of the "Wagner's Shortcut" – a street-like path in Eau Claire, Wis. running behind the Wagner's Lanes bowling alley, connecting Brackett Avenue to Fairfax Street. Used by locals for decades, the popular shortcut was finally closed on August 12, 2015 ...