Missy Sippy River Saloon

author writes true stories of an Alma bar

Emily Anderson

Local author Audrey Biesterveld has taken the ridiculous shenanigans she witnessed at a local saloon and documented them for all of us to read and enjoy in her very first book. The self-published project Missy Sippy River Saloon contains the true stories of the Red Ram Saloon, a bar that her daughter owns in Alma, WI. Only the names have been changed. The story’s main character, re-named as Missy Sippy, moves to a small town from the big city and buys a run-down tavern. After Missy endures her own struggles getting people to even come to the bar, the book continues to chronicle actual events that happened at the Red Ram Saloon. Biesterveld got the idea for the book after many weekends of helping her daughter in the bar, and had plenty of hilarious material to work with. She took her time writing it though. After five years of writing, she finally finished Missy Sippy River Saloon. Despite her reservations about publishing a book with such wild and true stories about Alma locals, she bit the bullet and is currently selling the book out of her Durand barbershop, Audrey’s Barbershop, and at The Local Store. Her goal is entertain her readers and she has certainly done so, selling hundreds of copies so far.