Sweet Like Honey

three married couples makin’ adorable indie rock

Caleb Gerdes

COMMITTED IN MUSIC. Three married couples make up the sweet folky sounds of Honeytree. Their debut album is out now.
COMMITTED IN MUSIC. Three married couples make up the sweet folky sounds of Honeytree.
Their debut album is out now.

The music of Honeytree flows like a low autumn river and casts images of children and parents playing near the bank while the sun shines down and the only thought you can have is one about existence itself.

I asked Matt Kendziera how they would describe their music – available now on a self-titled album – and it is evident in his response that there is a philosophical and honest heart in this musician.

“Often times when people listen to a style of music they want to have an experience. Music creates and reflects an atmosphere for the listener. When people hear us live or play us in their homes, we want it to feel like Southern hospitality meets Northern honesty,” Kendziera said. “We find our greatest joys in life by sitting by the river, dangling out toes in the water, playing with our kids, and being outdoors. We also find great joy in contemplative conversations that bring life conviction and make us better individuals and couples and being there for our friends and family through the ups and downs of life. We hope that our music will encourage listeners to choose simplicity over complexity and discover that that is where joy can be found.”

Even though their hope is to foster a simpler life and the enjoyment of the quiet beautiful moments, the music is complex, textured, layered, and rich. Like an amazing gluten-free salted caramel chocolate brownie, the taste is simple bliss while the components are complex beyond my capabilities to reproduce. This complexity is in part built around the six skilled and experienced musicians, Suzie and Matt Kendziera, Keri and Chad White, and Kat and Ryan Sherman.

The band, composed of three married couples, has no complaints. The uniqueness of their situation isn’t lost on them either.

“It does seem to be unique and we see it as a huge benefit,” Kendziera said. “Marriage is an honor and a privilege. … To have three couples who put a high priority on love and commitment is a blessing. We all know our place in life, understand our strengths and weaknesses, and understand what it takes to work together towards a common goal. We see nothing negative or difficult about it.”

The collaboration of the band begins with Suzie Kendziera and Keri White, both vocalists and guitarists. Songs are written and mood set, then the band joins in and their diverse musical backgrounds brings this stomp folk country group to life.

This wonderful music produced by wonderful people is a much-needed addition to the shelf of family music to fill the house as you play Monopoly with your family at your next get-together.

Honeytree’s self-titled album is available at The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire.

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