Leinie's Goes Big

famous local brewery to throw huge birthday party

Max Martinson

You look great for a 150-year-old.
You look great for a 150-year-old.

Leinenkugel’s began brewing beer in Chippewa Falls in 1867, and they’re still going strong as ever. The storied local brewery and the family that has owned and operated it all this time are celebrating 150 years of beers in the Chippewa Valley. That’s huge. During that time, Leinenkugel’s has grown from a small brewery with only two employees into a brand that people across the nation enjoy every day. The company has survived through financial trouble, Prohibition, and generations of new brewers learning the ropes. The Northern Wisconsin State Fair Grounds will be hosting a celebration for Leinie’s 150th birthday on August 11 and 12, to celebrate their resiliency and toast to 150 more years in business. The event will consist of two jam-packed days of music, festivities, and, of course, beer. There are some pretty big acts on the bill, with Jerrod Niemann closing out the first day with a show at the grandstand, while Collective Soul will be headlining the second night. Other acts include Jerry Schmidt, Sue Orfield, Waves Collide, Shane Martin, and more. In addition to live music for two straight days, there will be opportunities to play kubb, sample a variety of beer, see local artists and craftsmen at work, and meet the brewers and Leinenkugel family.

Leinenkugel’s 150th Anniversary Celebration • August 11 & 12 • 10:30am-midnight • Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, 225 Edward Street, Chippewa Falls • $18-$35 • www.nwsfa.com/events