Board & Brush Whips up Wood-Painted Signs

by Rayna DeJongh

A new creative studio has opened in Eau Claire. Board & Brush, 1402 S. Hastings Way, offers a variety of arts and crafts activities for anyone seeking a creative outlet or great gift. Board & Brush hosts wood sign-making workshops with wine. Invite your friends and family members to discover the art of woodworking in a fun and cozy atmosphere. Not feeling in the holiday spirit? The trendy pieces make for perfect home, garden, and office decor. Board & Brush offers other painting canvases including glass, chalkboard, canvas pillows, slates, and terra cotta pots. No matter your medium, Board & Brush will provide you with a piece of custom artwork and a new insight into creative design techniques.From bachelorette parties to holiday hangouts, the creative space is meant for any and all individuals, and no prior experience is needed. Raw materials, customized stencils, professional woodworkers, and graphic designers are all available to cater to your dream design. More information about Board & Brush is available online at boardandbrush.com/eauclaire.