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A Mexican restaurant featuring a festive vibe and all of your south-of-the-border favorites, including seafood, fajitas, chimichangas, and more. On Mondays margaritas are only 99 cents. There is a separate bar attached. Vegetarian friendly.

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This is a great place to eat. They have unique dishes I have not seen other places. If nothing else, the booths are a sight to behold.


In 1969 4 WI boys followed 2 LAPD cops into a taqueria in downtown LA, and I eat & cook Mexican x 40 yrs since. Casa M serves TINGA-roasted, spiced pulled pork-that is a must! I love the crowded loud painted booths and chairs, the waiters lining up at the tiny kitchen pass thru, the cash register poking out into the middle of the chaos. I'll be back!


LOVE the food. Very friendly staff, quick service, decent prices.


If all that mattered was the food, this would be the best Mexican restaurant in the CV. First of all, good salsa. Not as runny as other places' stuff (also not spicy enough for me, but neither is the salsa anywhere else locally). The standard fare is just that---standard. The food really shines, though, when you get into the specialty stuff, where the recipes have interesting yet subtle hints of flavors and seasonings that the other local Mexican eateries don't match. Again, great food. But I've gotta dock points for the tight quarters (people's butts in my face throughout the meal) and a staff that, while efficient, just weren't quite as friendly or welcoming as the staff at the competitors' restaurants.


I heard great things about this restaurant, but food the food to be lacking. I love Mexican food, but this really wasn't very flavorful.