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The Gas Guzzlers of 2011

Alex Olson

If you stay awake at night dreaming of a post-apocalyptic world filled with SUV’s that burn a mix of crushed up wind turbines and solar panels for fuel, then these cars are for you.

5 advanced tricks for your dog

Alex Olson

This article assumes that your dog is a seasoned pro at the basics, and out of pure boredom and lack of challenge has begged you, his owner, to find something worth his time.

Wedding photographers: 5 ways to find them

Alex Olson

Are you trying to find a photographer for your wedding, but slowly losing your mind? I’m here to take away some of your angst with five helpful tips.

No love for new parking lot idea

Alex Olson

The proposal for a new 25-stall private parking lot on Valmont Avenue was soundly disliked by the majority of business owners at Monday's public meeting with the Eau Claire City Council. The proposed lot would be built between two strip malls ...

Pass The Pepper (Magazine)

Alex Olson

So what happens when two bored UW-Stout students get together during the summer? Well they recruit other talented students, stay up late, and create an entirely new magazine from scratch.

Wisco professor inspires bad writers

Alex Olson

A University of Wisconsin Oshkosh associate professor has recieved an award for her terribly written sentence. Sue Fondrie earned the grand prize for her submission to the 2011 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest - an annual event that dares entrants to...

The House on the Rock (and other strange Wisconsin places)

Alex Olson

Compelled to relive a childhood trip, and after a four hour ride, I found myself staring up at a giant ceramic pot in which baby dragons and plants sprouted in equal amounts – the first indicator of the strangeness that is the House on the Rock.

Tiffany Bottoms Wetland Train Ride

Alex Olson

Ever feel like cruising through the wetlands in an open-air antique train at relaxing speeds? Don't worry, if things really get out of hand you could hop on out and tuck and roll. That’s what an open-air train is all about right?

Wisconsin arts jobs

Alex Olson

Hey, if you'd like to conduct a symphony orchestra in Sheboygan or manage an opera in Madison, well you're in luck, my friend. You, now, as long as you're qualified. Check out this webpage and send in those résumés!

Borders be gone

Alex Olson

As you've no doubt heard, Borders is officially closing its doors, which of course includes the location in Eau Claire. Considering the lack of any other large area bookstore, the loss of Borders is a relative bombshell from many locals.

5 tips on surviving your first kayak adventure

Alex Olson, photos by Nick Meyer

Itching to hop into a kayak and splash into a Chippewa Valley river ... for the very first time? Sweet. Here's a list of tips to help the beginner kayaker avoid some common mistakes, and a list of local shops to help get you started.

Local Man Re-Appears on TV with Beer on Head

Alex Olson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Local man Doug Stelzer was recently featured on the Stupid Human Tricks segment on The Late Show with David Letterman. Even as exciting as that is, it wasn’t his first time on the show.

Local man does well sticking beer cans to head

Alex Olson

"I can take two cans of beer and pour them into two glasses without using my hands, neck, elbows, or any of that good stuff that hangs down below." – stupid human trickster and David Letterman guest Doug Stelzer

Owen Park's dirt is dirty

Alex Olson

You may want to reconsider the five-second rule if you’re picnicking in the area of Owen Park. There appears to be no immediate danger for park visitors as the contaminated soil is currently covered by a foot of sand placed within the dirt.

Eau Claire Baseball Hall of Fame seeks help

Alex Olson

If you care about baseball, and the history of baseball in particular, the Eau Claire Baseball History Committee is currently looking for help in fund-raising efforts at and around Carson Park.

Wisconsin Fun Facts

Alex Olson

It’s interesting Wisconsin facts day! Because I know you all need to buff up on your Wisconsin trivia skills, here are some highlights of a 50 fact long list compiled by 50states.com in no discernable order.

What you don't know about ticks

Alex Olson

You’re most likely going to feel itchy after reading this blog, but that’s OK because a little scratching never hurt anyone. Ticks are incredible creatures. If you think you can outsmart a tick, you are most likely going to be wrong ...

Wisconsin Hearts Bikes

Alex Olson

As if Eau Claire receiving a bronze medal for being a “Bike Friendly Community” wasn’t enough, the “League of American Bicyclists” (a non-profit organization) has recognized Wisconsin as the third most bike-friendly state of the Union