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Feathers Will Fly

Great Wisconsin Birdathon participants race to count as many species as they can

Bill Hogseth, photos by Margo Dolan

The Chippewa Valley is home to some of the most diverse bird habitats in the entire state of Wisconsin. From the gigantic floodplain forests of the Tiffany Wildlife Area to the expansive oak savannas ...

The Birds Are Back in Town

citywide count of feathered fliers planned for May 14

Bill Hogseth

Among the streets and houses, in a quiet neighborhood, on a warm spring day, under the clear cobalt sky, something moves in the trees above, a restlessness between the leaves. If you stop and look up, you see a throng of color flutter from ...

Rightly Placed

reflections on six generations of Chippewa Valley locals

Bill Hogseth, illustrated by Catlin Felix Kramka

When my son, Frank, was born last year, he became the first member of my family’s sixth generation to reside in the Chippewa Valley. Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to say that I live in the same place that my family has lived for so many generations...

Flexing Our Mussels

one of the region’s rarest, most fascinating residents

Bill Hogseth, photos by Andrea Paulseth

On hot summer days, I put on a swimsuit and wade into the Chippewa River. As I slowly walk out, the water rises past my ankles and then up to my knees. The river wraps around my legs; the current tugs me sideways. My toes feel the shape ...

Not Really Northwoods?

our area was once much more prairie than forest

Bill Hogseth

Jonathon Carver was heading north on the Mississippi River, sketching maps and taking notes. On assignment for the British Crown, his goal was to explore the Upper Mississippi. His crew ventured east and paddled upstream on what is now known as ...

Touring Tiffany Bottoms

all aboard for a mini-train tour of a spectacular Wisconsin wetland

Bill Hogseth, photos by Nick Meyer

As the Chippewa River flows downstream from Eau Claire, it threads through a landscape of steep bluffs, expansive floodplains, and other habitats that call home to 125 rare species, more than any other area in Wisconsin; including massasauga ...