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Swimmers Unleashed

local canines to make a splash at Doggie Swim Fest

Thom Fountain, photos by Betsy Olaussen

Alright, pups. I know most dogs can’t read, but I’m just assuming your owners will read this to you. I have an exciting announcement for you and your canine friends: You get to go swimming. Not in a lake or a river or that inflatable pool you got ...

Opening Shot | Sept. 6, 2012

photos by Betsy Olaussen

Local dogs recently invaded a local swimming pool, traversing the water using some sort of canine paddling technique. (Fairfax Pool held its annual Doggie Swim Fest on Sunday, August 26.)

Doggie Swim Fest 2012

photos by Betsy Olaussen

On Sunday, August 26 Fairfax Pool was open exclusively to the canine crowd. Activities included water retrieval, open swim and a lure course. Proceeds benefited Eau Claire’s off-leash dog park.

How's Business?

the shifting roster of Eau Claire's downtown shops

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Betsy Olaussen

With spiffy plans on the horizon that promise to beef up downtown visibility and activity, it may seem incongruous that downtown commercial activity has taken some hits. Within the past two months, two local businesses have found new ...