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A Voice in Music

seeing the Eau Claire music scene through Jerrika Mighelle's eyes

Maddy Mortimer, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Luong Huynh

“Eau Claire was home base,” local musician Jerrika Mighelle said. “Part of the reason I still live in Eau Claire is because of the support for music.” She started playing ...

Where Can I Rent That?

get the party going with a little help from experts

Maddy Mortimer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s time to party! Whether you’re an attendee or a party planner for your home or office, party time means busting out the festive ...

Paper, Pens, Poetry

memories, love, and longing in S.A. Kriese's new collection

Maddy Mortimer

Within the pages of One Who Plays with Paper and Pens, her newly published collection, Eau Claire author Samantha A. Kriese captures in ink the beautifully ...

Wondering What It’s Worth?

public library hosts last antique appraisal event

Maddy Mortimer

Mark Moran knows antiques: He’s former senior editor of the Antiques and Collectibles book series for Krause Publications, produced the “Atlantique City” antique show, appeared on the PBS series ...

Pippi ‘Yolo’ Longstocking

ECCT brings a favorite back to Eau Claire

Maddy Mortimer

Eau Claire Children’s Theatre is bringing the musical classic Pippi Longstocking back to Eau Claire Nov. 1. This fun and lighthearted production ...

Keep Calm and Listen

concert series puts the emphasis on really listening

Maddy Mortimer, photos by Luong Huynh

With the seasons changing and the weather growing colder, it just doesn’t sound like summer anymore, and Eau Claire locals might find themselves missing warm ...

Spooky. Beer. Fun.

Brewing Projekt hosts Halloween bash

Maddy Mortimer

The Brewing Projekt partners with Converge Radio to throw an exciting grown-up Halloween bash. This event features live music from Annie Mack and the Black-Eyed Snakes, as well as a ...

My Office, Your Office

downtown tavern gets new name, new vibe

Maddy Mortimer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If your coworker said “I’m going to My Office” on a Friday evening, you might be taken aback. Who would want to spend Friday night at their office? Well, the clever play on words is exactly the point of the new ...

Eaux My! New Eau Claire Boutique Offers Home Goods & Furniture

Maddy Mortimer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sparreaux Boutique is taking flight: The Chippewa Valley’s new unique boutique hosted its grand opening Sept. 27-28 and is officially open for business. Molly Filipczak, owner of the boutique and co-owner ...

Fly Your FREAQ Flag

UWEC’s freaQweek a celebration of LGBTQ+ identity

Maddy Mortimer, photos by Kelly Irish

This Oct. 7-12, UW-Eau Claire campus organizations are partnering with community groups to launch freaQweek, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. FreaQweek is a push to reclaim history, to reclaim identities ...