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Shannon Paulus


Shannon Paulus works in Youth Services at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library. She lives on Eau Claire’s Eastside Hill with her husband, two kids, and two cats. And a guinea pig named Hufflepuff.

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The Ripples You Make Come Back to You

how a little kindness went a long way

Shannon Paulus, design by Taylor McCumber

After many, many rounds of I Spy, I began digging through my bag to find something that might occupy them for a bit. Finally, I triumphantly produced an old, expired coupon book (blank on the backs!) and a couple of pens.

When Wisconsin Gives You Snow, Make Ice Cream

Shannon Paulus

A few winters ago, the kids and I made a big bucket of snow ice cream. I hadn’t tasted it since elementary school, but we agreed it’s delicious. And easy. And fun. And you should try it. If you happen a upon a snowy weekend, follow the simple recipe here, grab some spoons, and maybe ...

Make Your Own Cinnamon Applesauce Tree Ornaments

Shannon Paulus, photos by Shannon Paulus

If you’re looking for a fun holiday activity that produces a super cute homemade gift and/or present topper, hold on to your tinsel. Cinnamon applesauce ornaments are totally the way to go. This has always been a great project for me and the little ones to do together. My daughter loved it the first time we tried it ...

Wrap Up & Rip Open Your Own Books

Shannon Paulus

Sometimes the best family traditions are the simplest. And sometimes, they don’t cost you a dime. For example, just after Thanksgiving, I lug all of our holiday books up from the basement – the ones we’ve accumulated over the years ...

When Your Kid Starts School and Tells Tall Tales

Shannon Paulus

My daughter has an extremely active imagination. She always has. She began talking at a very young age, always entertaining us with stories and songs. When she was really little, we played a sort of Baby Mad Libs game with her, where we told the bulk of a story, letting her fill in the details ...