Family STEAM Challenge: CD Case Garden

Let’s reduce, reuse and recycle while watching our plants grow! Using old CD cases, we’re going to give some grass the perfect home!

Exploring and observing the science behind reusing materials to create new life in those spaces.

The Mission:
Use your scientific and detective skills to figure out how the sun’s heat can be trapped inside of the CD case to help grow the grass. By using old plastic objects for crafts, planters, or other reusable reasons, you can reduce the amount of trash that is produced!

The Challenge:
Can you grow grass inside, using old plastic materials that are just collecting dust? Using an old CD case, create a miniature greenhouse to grow grass or other small plants!

Materials you could use (but are not limited to):

  • CD case
  • Soil
  • Seed
  • Water
  • Clear tape (Packing tape works well)

Create a mini greenhouse:

This challenge is very open-ended as it can be applied whenever and wherever there is sun! To start this challenge you have to remove the part inside of the CD case that holds the CD. Once you take this out, lay the case on a hard surface. Fill the bottom of the case (the side without the hinge) with soil about 2 inches high. Then sprinkle grass seed all over the soil and cover with a little more soil. Mist well with your water and put the other half of the case back on top of it. Tape around the bottom so the soil and seed do not leak out and the water doesn’t drip out. Then you can hang our set your greenhouse case in the sun and watch your plants grow! Water your plants as often as they need it. Make sure the soil is dark (that’s how you know it is wet) but do not over water or you will drown the plants. You have to find the perfect balance!

Questions to Mull Over:

  • How fast will the plants grow?
  • If I color the whole case will the plant grow faster or slower?
  • If I have holes in the case will the plants live or die?
  • Why?
  • What happens if it is not in the sun or it is cloudy?
  • What if I try to grow while it is laying down?
  • Can I reuse other objects besides a CD case to make a greenhouse?