Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar with several massive TV screens and as well as another 62 TVs so that you can catch every big game. They're well known for their chicken wings with a wide range of sauces – from Honey BBQ to Blazin' – plus burgers, sandwiches, and other gameday grub. Outdoor seating, Open 'til midnight Monday-Thursday, 1am Fridays and Saturdays, and 11pm Sundays). Takeout and online ordering available.

Average Cost: Entrée: $5-$15

Average: 3.09
Out of 45 Reviews


Buffalo Wild Wings
4612 Keystone Crossing
Eau Claire, WI



Fun place to go for a decent lunch. I had a wrap up when I was there and had no complaints except for the fact that my one alcoholic beverage cost more than my entire lunch. I'd recommend coming here to watch a game and order wings and beer.

Trevor Kupfer

Why oh why did they ever discontinue the 50-cent leg nights? Now the biggest hook for this chain is gone, because you can find better (and cheaper) wings and many bar and grills in the Chippewa Valley. Still, can't compete with the sauce options.


I really like the traditional wings (ordered spun with honey BBQ w/side of Asian Zing), but I have to say I have had really terrible luck with the service. One time I called ahead to order to-go... they told me it would take 45 mins. So we arrive at the specified time, and then we proceeded to wait another 50 mins on top of that!!! Huh?!? At the end of that they still had our order wrong. My next time with a to-go order and they didn't have everything I ordered either. My advice, make sure you CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU LEAVE... EVERYTIME... NO EXCEPTIONS!


It's a fun place to go (with the trivia and all) but the food has never really impressed me much. There are a ridiculous variety of great sauces, but the sandwiches are pretty basic.


One of my favorite places ever. Great trivia, good beer specials, and awesome Carribean Jerk boneless wings. Mmmmm.