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Rocky Rococo Pizza and Pasta

Known for robust, square-shaped slices, Rocky Rococo serves their deep dish pizza hot and fast. Customer favorites include the Rococo Chicago (four-cheese, tomatoes and sausage with no sauce) and the tasty breadsticks. Vegetarian friendly.

Average Cost: Entrée: $6-$7

Average: 3.00
Out of 8 Reviews

Rocky Rococo Pizza and Pasta
4800 Golf Rd., Oakwood Mall
Eau Claire, WI



Best Service and Pizza in town. Too expensive? They always have coupons on their trays to use. I go there every time I go to the mall. They're sticking to their motto - "We're the hospitality people" Will spend my money there any day of the week.


Wish Rockys was like it used to be, now its commercialized crap!


Eh, okay place. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere though.


Yummy pizza and cookies!


Rocky Rococo's is a mediocre place for fast Italian. The only thing I get there are the bread sticks, which are actually pretty good. Everything else I skip. Go to Sabarro if you want good pizza at the mall.