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Trevor Kupfer

Potato olés. Psssshhht. Whatever. I go to Taco John's for the small probability of In Defence returning for a repeat of the greatest rock show ever thrown together in a fast-food restaurant.


Not a big fan, they only things I like here and the potatoes


I really like patatoe oles. They can really hit the spot.


I have a weakness for their softshell tacos - even if they are messy and fall apart as soon as I unwrap them. I generally run through the drive through, but it's pretty unappetizing when their employees are smoking right next to the intercom. When I attended memorial, it was great to get a group of people together for their six pack and a pound, but those days have since passed.


Decent for fast food. Really good taco salads, but other things have been a little less desirable.