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I have never had a problem with McDonald’s as a chain. Yes, they hide behind a barrage of marketing, but it would be the same as if cigarettes came out and said they were good for you. You would have to be pretty dull to not know that McDonald’s is garbage. I imagine it as one of those science fiction movies where the whole population lives on some kind of semi-nutritious goo. Is it soylent green? Who knows? But I guess that is my point. You don’t want to know what it is. McDonald’s is king man. They have perfected the whole thing. You can go across the world and have the same hamburger anywhere you go. If I am driving down the highway and need to stop, I will typically go to a McDonald’s because, at least, you know exactly what you’re going to get. Has far as local McDonald’s go, I have been to all of them at one time or another. I have had varying experiences at all of them. I would say the worst experience you can have at a McDonald’s is showing up right “after” a rush because you get the leftover heat lamped trash.


There was a time when we didn't go to McDonald's, probably when the kids FINALLY out grew the playland area!!! But, now we swing into the drive thru if we need something quick. THe chicken wraps are our favorite. The Dollar Menu is nice when you're in a pinch!


I too miss the train. Who's idea was it to replace such a land mark with geekazoid space world anyhow??


For fast food who does not love Mc Donalds. I love the Mac sauce I eat it on everything!


Some times you need some food for a dollar. Dollar menue chicken sandwich is not bad.