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Kind of sad there's no longer a Wendy's here, but not unexpected. If only they'd have WARM food. I will miss it though. It's was pretty good on a GOOD day. Great prices.


Because Eau Claire no longer has a Wendy's, we have to drive to this one to get chili. Every time we head up in that direction, we always make sure we stop here. The atmosphere is okay, but it's really all about the chili. :)


My 1 star goes for the MENOMONIE location. Terrible service. The food will taste the same no matter which Wendy's you go to, so that's not the problem. But it's never okay to wait 10 minutes at the drive-through window for a junior bacon cheeseburger and fries. I have stopped going to this Wendy's all together.


I have ceased going to Wendy’s all together as a chain. They seem to be very poorly managed everywhere I go. Typically unfriendly service and greasy, low quality food. Oh yeah, have you ever had hot fries at a Wendy’s? I don’t believe I have ever been to a clean Wendy’s either. What does that tell you?


Frostees and baked potatoes, yum. Better than average fast food, but fast food.