Jeremiah Got the Bullfrog

Menomonie’s Bullfrog Fish Farm finds new owners

Haley Wright, photos by Timothy Mather

Bullfrog Fish Farm, a Chippewa Valley family favorite destination for fishing and foodstuff on the outskirts of Menomonie, has changed hands after being owned and operated by its “soul proprietor” Herby Radmann for more than 20 years. After an extensive search for someone to take over the reins, the farm is now owned by two couples, Jeremiah and Jordan Fredrickson of Elk Mound and their good friends Matthew and Jamie Poore of Portage, and the place is now called Jeremiah’s Bullfrog Fish Farm.

Jeremiah’s Bullfrog Fish Farm co-owners Jeremiah and Jordan Fredrickson will carry on the Bullfrog legacy from former owner and founder Herby Radmann.
Jeremiah’s Bullfrog Fish Farm co-owners Jeremiah and Jordan Fredrickson will carry on the Bullfrog legacy from former owner and founder Herby Radmann.

Undoubtedly, the new owners are excited about taking over the farm, and the opportunities that come along with it. They intend to explore different interests such as educating youth, supporting family values, working and networking in our communities, and creating new innovations in aquaculture and farming. “Our current project is mosquito breeding,” said Jordan Fredrickson with a laugh. “But really we have so many ideas running through our heads. A small campground perhaps? Nature hikes and prairie reconstruction? Working with the DNR and somehow connecting with the state natural area surrounding us? But certainly maintaining and growing our family-friendly fish ponds and picnic areas.”

The owners plan to keep a good thing going and to continue to grow the farm business by continuing the traditions that are already in place, but eventually growing and expanding them into the future. They’re looking to embellish the educational opportunities the unique farm has to offer to students and adults alike. People can look forward to more community educational programs, as well as the possible addition of winter activities at the farm.

“We’re thinking snowshoe trails and bonfires with hot chocolate,” Jordan Fredrickson said. “We’d like to grow our local and regional markets, while continuing to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable food source. We would also like to promote small farms and strong families, which will lead to strong communities, states, nations, and a better world.”

The Fredricksons and the Poores have science and teaching backgrounds that support their visions for Jeremiah’s Bullfrog Fish Farm and make them particularly well-suited to running and growing the business. Jeremiah has worked as an agriculture teacher and coach for the past 16 years. “The fish farm gives me the chance to combine my love of teaching kids and adults alike with my desire to promote small farms and sustainable agricultural practices,” said Jeremiah Fredrickson.

Jordan, who had most recently been working as a stay-at-home mom, has a degree in biology from UW-River Falls and she’s been able to apply a good chunk of her education to the work being done at the farm. Their son, Malachi, who is four, is similarly excited to get involved in the daily operations. “Now Malachi and I both are loving working on the farm. It is a fun place to raise a kid, I think,” Jordan Fredrickson said. “We’ve found turtles, frogs, and fish (of course), and there’s still so much to explore.”

The other co-owners, Matt and Jamie Poore have been long time friends to the Fredricksons. Matt graduated from UW-Superior for fisheries and wildlife and Jamie has a biology and animal science degree from Purdue. “(They’re) a great resource, and well, didn’t think we were crazy when we approached them, so that’s a plus right there,” Jordan Fredrickson said. “Actually they had looked into purchasing a different fish farm a few years ago, so they were very interested.”

There’s lots to look forward to in the future of Jeremiah’s Bullfrog Fish Farm and its passionate new owners, so check it out this summer, and see it for yourself.

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