WE MEAN THAT ENDEARINGLY. SERIOUSLY. You’re new to Eau Claire and that’s amazing because this town has a lot to offer. And it’s a good thing you’re reading this, because we’re gonna help you find out for yourself.

SOME PEOPLE AROUND EAU CLAIRE ... like to complain that college students never get off campus. They never really see the city. They never fully appreciate what’s going on here. They’re basically self-absorbed toddlers, and they just don’t care about the hard-working, creative people who build this town into something great.

But we know that’s not true.

OK, it’s kinda true. I mean, there’s always a few weird globs of unfinished Gummi Bear stuck to the bottom of every bag, right? Nobody’s perfect. I’ve definitely come across a certain kind of person who just doesn’t know how to live in a city. You know the type – they stick to their routines. They keep their heads down. They rarely explore.

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